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Grind Hard Fitness

So what is so different about Chris McClarence at Grind Hard Fitness compared to other trainers?

Well my friends let me tell you this guy is 100 per cent committed not only to YOU, but he is constantly working on himself to improve and learn to be the best he can be. So he can then deliver on what he says he is going to do with you, his clients.

Not only does he teach you the truth about nutrition you will understand why you do the things you do to improve yourself. The Grind Hard Fitness way.

He really has a unique approach on working with people and he will only work with the people he deems want it enough!

He is a highly sort after trainer/coach who really gets results, not only that but get you to understand fully how your body works! making sure all of his clients receive the best quality! Best of all your not eating a lettuce leaf a week kind of approach. Sometimes its hard to eat as much food as he tells you too…..how good does that sound?

If you think you have heard this all before, well you have never met Chris at Grind Hard Fitness. When you speak to him and realise, others have been lying to you for years with one thing and another when it comes to diets and fitness.

Chris believes everyone is an athlete in training, just all at different levels.

He even has a mini monsters class at Grind Hard Fitness to bring your little ones along to and they love him.

For more information on Newcastle’s best Personal Trainer, here is the website.

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