Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

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Hypnotherapist in Newcastle

Hypnotherapy Newcastle was setup by Joseph Mc Anelly over 37 years ago. Joe has been helping people in one way or another for most of his life. So starting up his own Hypnosis practice, was the next logical step for him.

It started around 38 years ago, in Newcastle, when Joe first became aware of Hypnotherapy. Initially, like many other people, he was very wary and sceptical that anyone could achieve anything with hypnosis. Regardless, the hypnotherapist whom Joe had contacted, convinced him to give it a try. Joe started to use hypnotherapy and discovered that he quickly made big changes in his own life. From that point on, he decided he wanted to learn the art of hypnosis. To help other people reach their own goals with his help.

37 Years of Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Hypnotherapy Newcastle has been running for the last 37 years. Joe has helped many people in this time and he covers all manner of problems that people have. From smoking and drug addiction, through to fear of flying, weight loss, anxiety and depression and many, many more. All using his ability as a hypnotherapist.

All of Joe’s services are professional and confidential. So you can be assured that you are in safe hands, at all times. With numerous qualifications and accreditations he has attained over the years. Including, NLP Practitioner, Accredited MNCH(Acc.), CNHC registered, accredited voluntary register, National Council for Hypnotherapy and many more. You will know that you are using the services of the best hypnotherapist in the North East.

Joe is currently offering a completely free, free consultation at either of his Newcastle based practices. So to take a look at what he can do for you and what he has already done for others, take a look at his Newcastle based hypnotherapist website here.


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